Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ding 80!

When Wrath was announced, my reaction to the idea of a melee hero class was pretty underwhelmed. If you had told me that my first level 80 character would be a Death Knight, I wouldn't have believed you. I REALLY wouldn't have believed you if you'd said that I would have said level 80 character a month and a half before the expansion launches, by leveling straight through the entire Wrath of the Lich King beta. And yet, here I am.

Overall, I've been pretty impressed with the home stretch of Wrath. Poor Cheery got nerfed into the ground a few patches back, but now they're adjusting things back to a reasonable level. I've also picked up some decent gear from questing (including a fair amount of actual tanking gear). Zul'Drek and the Storm Peaks didn't impress me as much (indeed, a fair number of Storm Peaks quests remain broken), but Icecrown has some very fun quests including a fair number of daily quests. Meanwhile, Death Knight glyphs are finally in the game, as are inscription recipes that actually use skill-level appropriate ingredients; the profession has come a huge way in the last two weeks and is now pretty close to ready to go.

I have a kind of mini-tradition where I bring my retail characters to Shadowmoon Valley as they get very close to level 70, in order to ensure that the kill that pushes them to the level cap is a felboar (in honor of the famous boar grind carried out by Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny). I haven't really seen many boars in Northrend, so I wound up gaining that last level off of a misc daily quest. As a consolation prize, however, I may not have had boars, but at least now I get to ride a Hog.


  1. Congratulations!!!

    The bike is absolutely adorable, engineering mount I assume. More importantly...does it fly? :P

  2. The Hog is an engineer-made vehicle, but it is BOE and does NOT require engineering to learn. Like other mounts in Wrath, the spell goes into your mount tab (you have to be level 80 to learn it). Unlike other mounts, in its current beta form, it actually has its own HP bar (just over 5K's worth). I haven't tested it to see what happens if you take over 5K damage, but, in principle, it can soak some damage from falling or unfriendly mobs for you.

    No, sadly, it does NOT fly.

  3. I love your blog, but MAN, SERIOUSLY!!! The only thing worse than a pink haired gnome deathnkight is a pink haired gnome deathknight on a motorcycle. . .BLIZZARD, WHEN DOES THE RIDICULOUSNESS END!?!?

  4. My take on the LOLore is that I'm not going to take the integrity of Blizzard's product more seriously than they themselves do. It's not like we get to vote the lore offenders off the server, so I figure I might as well embrace the irony value of a tiny pink pig-tailed gnome called "Cheerydeth".

    P.S. I neglected to post a SS of the back of the motorcycle, its license plate reads "PWN".


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