Saturday, January 30, 2010

Epic EQ2 Expansion Preparations

Thanks to Sev, Ely, and Pratt of the Halasian Empire, Lyriana finally snagged her epic weapon (the group version, not the even fancier raid version) today. Overall, the questline sent us into a variety of dungeons from the Kunark expansion (a more recent expansion has added tougher dungeons at the same level cap) and had an interesting, if perhaps a bit random, story to tell. I'm glad I was able to get this in before the expansion, just in time to have a very solid weapon for going back on the leveling trail.

(Ironically, it was snowing once again here in Washington - snow apparently tends to work out well for Lyriana.)

I was also able to finally decide on a last name for my winged Dirge. For whatever reason, my "disarm traps" skill, used to open chests safely, is massively behind - currently at something like 120/400. The result is that I almost always set off an explosive trap of some sort when I open chests. Despite repeated apologies and warnings about this, Sev and Ely apparently find it amusing for me to detonate every chest we come across. As a result, I decided to /lastname Lyriana "Lockbreaker" (as opposed to "Lock Disarmer" or "Safe-lock-opener").

Meanwhile, I've been slowly but surely working on tradeskills for my alts while I still have the 10% bonus exp for having a maxxed crafter. This isn't something that I work on when I have a full evening of it, but it's a relatively peaceful way of killing 20-30 minutes here and there, and I'm rapidly gaining the ability to craft just about anything and everything my small army of alts could want.

I don't know how much further I'm going to advance in EQ2 over the next two weeks until the expansion arrives. Technically, I could try and get a piece or two of void shard armor and/or some other loot, but it seems somewhat pointless so close to a gear reset - the epic weapon is a more iconic upgrade, and one that I will probably be willing to wear cosmetically even if I eventually replace it. I guess we'll see what I'm feeling like on a day to day basis, but I'd be ready to go if the expansion arrived tomorrow.


Sord* of Unrest said...

I'd go for at least the first tier of shard armor. It takes less than 40 shards if player made.

That would at least set you up to be able to survive the new stuff a little easier. It might be hard to get in the good new dungeons if you are only in master crafted, quest or legendary dropped gear.

When I put a group together to run instances tier 1 shard armor is the usual minimum expected unless it is a new 80 toon. I don't mind helping one get some shards to gear up if and when I can.

Anonymous said...

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