Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brewfest 2010 Haul

This year's uninspiring edition of Brewfest will draw to a close tomorrow morning before daily dungeon quests reset, marking the final chance to zerg Coren Direbrew for the year.  My two characters each killed Direbrew the requisite 16 times, generally in under 30 seconds per kill.  (I'm not sure whether this year's 32 kills is more or less than last year, since last year's version had players kill Direbrew five times per run.)  This yielded 32 emblems of frost for each character, which will convert into 370.56 Justice Points, possibly as early as next Tuesday.

My mage, who owns the ram from the 2007 guaranteed ram racing event, received three of the now-worthless remote control that was previously used to teleport to Direbrew's lair (before the dungeon finder did that for you).  I saved one as a souvenir.  I also netted two of Direbrew's previously rare BOE epic maces, which I suppose I'll save in case I ever have an Alliance character high enough to use them. 

My warrior, who dinged 80 during the event, lucked out and received the coveted Brewfest Kodo mount.  On one level, this is a huge waste, as the character in question is a Tauren with access to all the other Kodos he could want.  On the other hand, the Brew Kodo looks much cooler than the other Kodos that are available, and it seems like Blizzard set player height such that a Tauren on their own racial mount is less likely to hit their head on a doorjam and have to dismount than a Tauren on, say, a giant raptor.  The warrior also netted some trinkets that he actually uses simply because his gear is not yet that impressive.

Overall, I'm not sure what to make of the haul.  Though the fight is trivially easy, none of the rewards are exactly game breaking, especially two months out from an expansion gear reset.  Guess we'll see what happens next year.


El Muneco said...

The mole machine remote isn't totally useless. The Tauren Chieftains play scheduled gigs in the Grim Guzzler. But if you have a remote in your inventory (whether you used it to get there or not), and talk to one of the roadies, he'll bring the band out for a command performance.

Dàchéng said...

Even more useful than listening to the Tauren Chieftains, and probably more restful too, you can stock up on Dark Iron Ale Mugs, for Morja at the Darkmoon Faire.