Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Incorrect Blizzcon Predictions For 2010

Blizzcon is coming up in just over a week, so time to put predictions that are usually proven wrong to electronic paper is running out.  Here are my best guesses for this year's event.
  • Diablo III and the first SC2 expansion (called the second game in a "trilogy" so that Bobby Kotick can charge the new game price instead of the expansion price) will be playable.  I really am not following either game at this point, so there's not much else I can predict about them. 
  • Cataclysm's cinematic introduction will make its debut.  My guess is that it will finally include gnomes, though I suppose we can't put it entirely past Blizzard to make a point of including Goblins and Worgen over gnomes as a running gag. 
  • With most of the juicy Cataclysm news out on live servers, PTR's, and the no-NDA beta, WoW news will include discussion of patch 4.1.  The patch will include a major feature that has not been announced or discussed publicly (sorry, dance studio). 
  • Blizzard will have to announce the mystery fourth project (confirmed to be an MMO based on a new IP) if they do not want the event to be widely viewed as a disappointment.  My guess is that the new game will be more action-based, will be designed with some form of item shop or other transaction system in mind, and will not be a straight up fantasy setting (perhaps Steampunk, Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk). 
  • Date MMO-Champion leaks the juicy details: Monday, Oct 18th.
We'll see how much of a laugh we have over this post sometime next week.


hound said...

Finally someone else who believes that Blizzcon 2010 will announce their next MMO...

They might also announce something else altogether. Blizzards newfound proliferation is not going to stop just because they finally made some sequels.

Anjin said...

That has to be the best set of predictions ever. Though, I suspect MMO Champion will hold off until the 22nd with a tease on the 21st.

Kyosei said...

I think it's funny that every single one of these predictions turned out wrong heh.

Anonymous said...


What Gnomes?