Thursday, January 5, 2012

My oddly famous blogroll widget

My evenings have been strangely packed so far this year - in part a consequence of having been out of town for a week over the holidays and therefore having a bunch of deferred errands to run.  As a result, the blog has been relatively lacking in content, so I suppose it was inevitable that the most interesting part of PVD this week has been... the "most recent post" sorting feature on my blogroll widget. 

First, Psychochild's year-end wrap-up named me as the number three traffic source to his site.  It didn't occur to me that I personally represent a significant portion of this traffic, because I often use my blogroll as an improvised RSS reader, until Indy commented that he also uses my blogroll for the same purpose.

Then Wilhelm started playing with post tags on his archives, and my blogroll apparently concluded that his blog had last updated in 2006.

If anyone else is working on a post about my blogroll widget to add to the coincidental January 5th publicity blitz, I suppose there are a few more hours left in the day?  (Actual content incoming, really.) 


seanas said...

Am I allowed to confess that yours is one of two gaming blogs I have bookmarked because, as well as the posts, I like the choices on the blogroll? :)

Bhagpuss said...

I just checked and not only is PVD the top traffic source for Inventory Full but you've sent more than twice as many people my way than any other url, although Google has sent more traffic as a site. (What's the difference? Don't ask me!)

Thanks for that and for all the entertainment and information at PVD over the last year.

Wilhelm Arcturus said...

I remain jealous of the Blogger blogroll display with its latest post ranking system.

And you send a goodly amount of traffic my way, even when not responding to my silly posts.