Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SWTOR Ding 50

Aldabaran, my SWTOR trooper, hit level 50 this evening.  SWTOR is now the seventh MMO in which I have reached a current level cap, and this is my 10th character to reach a current level cap.  (Three of those characters have yet to catch up with level cap increases, leaving me with seven max level characters in five games currently.)  All told, I took about 2.5 weeks' worth of gametime beyond the included 30 days to reach the cap.

I was originally going to hold off in favor of working on alts, but I changed my mind because I was close to the cap and having a hard time figuring out how many of my credits I needed to save for when I got there.  (Answer: 110K+ in training alone, and I haven't decided how to spend my commendations versus what item mods to purchase.) 

Meanwhile, the Jeutrémie legacy is sitting at level 6, and currently grants the following benefits:
  • 150 presence (human racial plus 5 companions)
  • All five Companion archetype buffs (1% each HP, accuracy, crit, surge, and 2% healing)
  • Heroic moment ability duration doubled, cooldown reduced by 25%, one Trooper legacy Sticky Grenade per cycle
  • All classes get the trooper/bounty hunter buff (5% endurance)
  • Cyborg race unlocked for Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Inquisitor classes, also additional cosmetic options available
One additional tidbit that is tangentially Legacy related - SWTOR allows cross-faction mail within your legacy (not sure if this is limited to after you unlock the Legacy around level 30).   This means I can use my crewskills - Biochem, Slicing, and Bioanalysis - for the benefit of my alts.  Because SWTOR has NPC gathering missions, I don't need to travel to a mid-level planet to get the materials for mid-level medpacs and implants.  Instead, I can just pay companions to go get the stuff for me, AFK for a while (or sign out) and craft it when I get back. 

Anyway, with these benefits in hand, it's off to work on my first alt, a Sith Warrior.  And perhaps return to the trooper from time to time to blow things up for the Republic and/or credits in support of my Legacy.  The trooper was not a class I was that interested in until I played it, but I'm glad that I did, as its medium range melee/tanking niche was different and fun.   If I'm similarly surprised by other specs, I've got a lot more fun left to have with this game. 


  1. Congratulations! Did you enjoy the trooper story?

  2. SW, eh? Going Juggernaut or Marauder?

  3. @Shintar: I did. Don't get me wrong, Chapter 1 was stronger than Chapters 2-3, and there were some moral choices that felt tacked on after the fact to create a conflict for LS/DS points (some of which weren't class story specific), but overall I enjoyed it.

    @Magson: Marauder, since the trooper I just capped was Vanguard tank-specced. Liking it so far, though I definitely miss having a bit more range with the Vanguard. Was originally going to be pure dark side, but I ended up feeling like the LS choice was occasionally more evil, so now I'm doing grey.


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