Thursday, November 12, 2009

LF Warhammer Guild, PST

With recent events, I've decided that re-visiting Warhammer is a now-or-never proposition. Next month will feature LOTRO's expansion, EQ2's Frostfell Holiday, and probably WoW's 3.3 patch. The EQ2 expansion arrives in February. With Warhammer down to a mere seven servers and possibly a skeleton staff, it may not be around in April.

Most likely, this little experiment will last no more than a week. As a blogger, I have the advantage that the game can be a fail of Mythic proportions and I can still get some entertainment out of writing about it, so that's a bit of a hedge against the cost in time if I don't enjoy the experience.

Having made the mistake of trying to play the game as a solo PVE adventure with instanced scenarios on the side, I'm certain that it will fail miserably a second time if I don't find a guild. Therefore, I'm looking for a guild willing to put up with an embedded blogger for a week or so. Any realm, any ruleset will do; I'm usually not a fan of ganking-enabled rulesets, but in this case, if I'm running around trying to do solo quests and end up getting ganked, I'm already doing it wrong.

Ideally, it would be good to find somewhere that isn't too sparsely populated so that the sheer lack of population beyond the free trial zones (tier one) isn't what does me in, but I'm setting realistic expectations on that front. (Judging from the leaderboards, it looks like Badlands, Gorfang, and Iron Rock may be the most populous - the "most scenarios won this week" numbers are highest for those three.) It would also be nice not to have totally lopsided realm populations, though I realize that this too is a tall order.

Any help from my readers would be most welcome.


Stabs said...

I tried the free trial back in about April and I thought it was awesome.

The game's fantastic if you're in a crowded zone and bad if the zones are empty.

I imagine now is a very good time to try WAR as it will be so busy in Tier 1 Empire v Chaos zone.

I think you'll have a brilliant time, it's well worth leaving on your hard disk for when you just fancy something mindless.

I hope they make Warhammer Online 2 in due course reviving some of the great ideas (city sieges, public quests) but using a server structure that keeps population dense, maybe a guild wars type structure where additional instances of zones open up when the population gets heavier.

Enjoy it!

Jayedub said...

I think you hit the nail on the head; you can't play WAR as a solo PvE game exclusively and being a guild is probably the best thing to do. I have WAR installed, so I am thinking of giving the endless trial a run to see some of the differences. But if I do resub, I think I would do the same thing and try to find a guild asap.

Lyram said...

Last I checked the endless trial is running on Iron Rock and Gorfang. Tier 1 on Badlands is pretty sparse these days. Whereas Iron Rock T1 is really active. When I logged onto my Slayer there, the PQ's were lit up all over the map, and scenarios were popping.

The game is so much better technically than it was just a few months ago. It's well worth doing the endless trial.