Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Triumph of the Tame Riding Goat

Allarond was finally able to scrape together the gold he needed to purchase his rep reward riding goat, so he gets his obligatory picture on the blog.

Commenters here have been somewhat dismissive of the value of/need for the Moria goat. Unlike WoW, mounts aren't a free pass to ignore all monsters and terrain while flying at quadruple your normal speed from point to point throughout the (post-2007 portions of the) game. Unlike EQ2, mounts aren't a passive buff that automagically boost your speed appropriately in situations where mounts are allowed.

Instead, LOTRO mounts have limited speeds and extremely limited durability - a few hits from most mobs will kick you off your ride and force you to get by on foot. It is true that Moria has a large number of relatively narrow hallways full of enemies where the use of mount simply isn't viable. However, it also has a fair amount of vast and somewhat empty space (in particular, anywhere near just about any zone line) where having a mount can save you a lot of time.

There is still a broader design question of whether the reputation (and, to a lesser extent, gold) costs of the goats continue to make sense when the expansion arrives and Moria is reduced to a temporary leveling area, rather than hosting most of the endgame. I finally obtained the mount a significant portion of the way through level 58, which puts me very close to the point at which I will no longer need it.

Even so, I don't have any buyer's remorse on this particular purchase. If nothing else, it's a souvenir in a game where all the other mount options to date are horses (and, really, it would be hard to justify much of anything else in the lore).


mbp said...

Even goats have provoked quite a spirited debate in my kin as to whether or not they can be tolerated within the lore. I'm not such a purist. I can buy the notion of a dwarf riding a mountain goat. Not sure about elves though - a bit beneath their pompous sense of dignity I should think.

This is the ongoing dilemma Turbine faces. They absolutely have to respect the lore or else the license becomes worthless but they must still try to push it as far as possible in order to maximise entertainment value.

Longasc said...

The goats are hideous, lore issues aside. Their eyes look wrong, their faces are masks. But I supposedly get a fancy goat for my Mirkwood preorder...^^

I am glad we get out of Moria. It is too dark and the ways are often an annoying maze. It is differently a cool change from the usual outdoor environments, but they are actually the areas where LOTRO has its jawdropping "Wow!" moments.

Waiting for back 9 and almost free radiance loot drops, if they really make all the changes that are rumored.

Kyff said...

Eagles. If thigs go awry it's always the eagles who are coming.