Monday, March 28, 2011

A Pink Pig-tail Finale

Today is the end of an era in WoW blogs, as Larisa announced the finale of the Pink Pigtail Inn. Larisa has played a non-trivial role in the life of this site, so I feel it only fitting to pay her tribute. 

I started my blog a bit after Larisa started hers, but mine was an intentionally soft launch.  Though my first post was in April 2008, I viewed those early months as a warm-up for July, when I would actually have time to write on a regular basis.  I made a few posts, had the occasional comment, but things here were pretty quiet. 

I eventually ended up on Rohan's blogroll at Blessing of Kings, and then one day out of the blue I got a comment on a random post expressing appreciation but pointing out that I did not have a contact email on my page. This wasn't really something that had occurred to me previously, as the idea that a reader might want to get in touch simply hadn't come up.  Regardless, I dutifully sent this Larisa character an email, and added a gmail address to the site in case anyone else was similarly inclined. 

I hope that she will forgive a bit of skepticism in hindsight - usually, when someone emailing you is supposedly female and from Sweden, the odds aren't that great.  The truth is that Larisa turned out to be friendly, supportive, insightful, and thought-provoking.  To this day, the PPI is still one of the top traffic sources to this site, and I'm pretty much certain that I have Larisa to thank for the fact that Sweden is the number six country on my "traffic by country" chart. 

I don't know where the road is going to take this particular pink pig-tailed gnome mage, and I'll be keeping her spot in my blogroll in case she changes her mind.  In the mean time, until we meet again, I wish her all the best and good luck on her journey. 


Larísa said...

Awww. Thank you so very much! I think we all can thank Rohan for everything. He didn't just have the best blogroll, the foundation for my own - I more or less copied it from the start, expanding on my own after that. He also included me in the blogroll, which was my entrance ticket to the blogosphere, the way I think I got more readers than just my guildies who felt obliged to read my blog occasionally after me spamming them with the address to it.
He is indeed the King of Blessings.

I will keep lurking in the shadows.


Psychochild said...


PPI is one of the top referrers to my blog, too, and is one of the few WoW-specific blogs I keep in my reader just because it's so insightful.

Larísa needs to keep blogging!