Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spot That Stealth Pig!

Welcome to Spot That Stealth Pig, with your host, Seloxia! 
The Pig
Let's meet our first contestant, a Bloodhavoc Goblin!
Now, goblin, can you SPOT THAT STEALTH PIG?!

Different Goblin used for better screenshot.
Oh noes, the Goblin has done it!  Seloxia, tell him what he's won!
That's right, a pair of daggers, right between the shoulder blades!  Thank you for playing, Bloodhavoc Goblin!

Promotional consideration paid for not rolling on an RP server so that the name "Stealth Pig" is vaguely acceptable, and the soul system for allowing players to roll up a stealth class with a tanking pet for infinite backstabs.


  1. Now I have to try a ranger/assassin build on my rogue. . . sounds fun!

  2. My druid cleric is on an RP server and her fae is named TinkleBelle.

  3. @Magson: In general, you want as many points in Assassin as possible for the stealth pig build, because you're not doing ranged combat - in particular, you need 16 Assassin to get Backstab. I'm told that the pig caps out at level 30 until you spend 24 points in Ranger, so that's probably when I'd respec into 24 Ranger/16 Assassin and then start re-buying my Assassin abilities. There are some choices towards the end (stealth raptor?) that could keep it interesting.

    One other fun tip - Expose Weakness (10 point Assassin root ability) adds a debuff to the mob, does not break stealth or aggro, and does tell the pig to attack.

  4. My rogue is a bard/riftstalker combo. I'm looking forward to getting my stealth ability, so that I can sneak up on them, stab them in the back, then play a brisk melody on my lute.

    Bard is my favorite class so far, if only for the sheer hilarity of killing things with music.

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