Friday, March 25, 2011

Rift Elf Panties For Psychochild

Previously, in the comments at Psychochild's place:
Green Armadillo wrote: I'd like to believe that my Cleric's current armor is bugged and missing its texture, because it sure looks like she's just wearing panties.

Psychochild wrote:
Oh, my. I assume you're in plate? Got a screenshot to shame the artists with?
My original theory appears to be incorrect - if I remove my character's pants altogether, her underwear is a different color.  I suppose it's possible that they wanted the crotch colored black metallic and were going to add legs later but forgot.  At the moment, though, it looks like the leggings have indeed vanished into some extraplanar space.

Of course, maybe this is all Ferrel's fault.  Going back to old school DND and EQ1 rules, where Clerics get to wear plate armor, he argues that "Clerics do not wear chain mail unless it is under plate."  Maybe Trion decided to listen to him, cause it sure looks like you could get those "leggings" under some plate.  If you don't mind the chafing anyway. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I made a tongue-in-cheek comment about those EXACT same pair of leggings on Twitter earlier this month. I was trying to see how they would look with the rest of my outfit, imagine my surprise when I saw...practically nothing.

Anonymous said...

These are bought from the Planar Goods vendors, correct? If not there is a pair that look exactly like that. I believe the reason is because the matching chest piece on the same vendor is a 'dress' type Hauberk, which eliminates the need to even make a graphic for those particular leggings.

Kiryn said...

There's actually a pair of "leggings" just out of the tutorial zone for Defiant characters that I was about to write a bug for. You're only about level 6 at the time, and a quest rewards you with a chestpiece that goes down far enough to cover the chainmail bikini bottom that you're given in another quest. I was convinced that my pants were bugged and missing their models, until I took off the rest of my gear and saw that my underwear was gray.

Green Armadillo said...

The anonymous one may have the correct answer. It just hadn't occurred to me to check, because I didn't have the shards for both pieces, and the pants were a much bigger upgrade. It was only after I bought and equipped them that I realized that I had no more pants.

Over in WoW, I remember once having a pair of pants that was literally the bottom half of the matching robe - i.e. if you took off the robe, only the top half of it would disappear because the pants were the same texture from the waist down. Clunky I suppose, but at least you don't go pantless.

BruisedOoze said...

Maybe they were trying to be clever and the translation was supposed to be 'pants' in a very English sort of way.

Ferrel said...

I will accept blame on this one!

One of the things that surprises me in Rift is that the plate is frequently more revealing than the chain!

Florian said...

I bet on a male character, these would go all the way to the ankles and not reveal an inch of leg?